Monday, December 26, 2011

My wish for 2012? An organized home!


Homeschooling.  Parenting.  The girls’ outside activities.  Being a great wife.  Our Classical Conversations co-op.  Homemaking.  Working.  Living life.  All things I want or need to do. 

Truly, to get everything done I need more than twenty-four hours a day.  Or perhaps my weekend needs a weekend. 

Neither of those is likely to happen.

I attempt to organize in spurts, but it always gets worse before it gets better.   If I had five to six weeks of time that I could devote to cleaning and organizing, without any other responsibilities/activities, I could probably get the whole house done – but I don’t have that sort of time. 

Recently on the web I found 31 Days to Clean.  It looks like a wonderful program, and I love the spiritual aspect.

I fear I might need a longer than 31 days – but I intend to try.  Maybe I end up using the principles in the book and applying them to one room  or closet a month.   I’d be thrilled to have a clean and organized home by the end of 2012!

The book is available as a download for only $4.99.  You can even get it for the Kindle or Nook!

If a $4.99 book helps me get my house clean and organized, it’s worth a hundred times that. 

Who’s with me?  I need accountability.


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