Friday, August 19, 2011

You know you’re exhausted when…


It has been a tough couple of weeks in our house (post on that to follow).  I spent the night in the hospital with Punkin Monday night – she was released to come home late Tuesday.  To say we were both exhausted would be a huge understatement.

Wednesday morning (late) I had my first shower in 48 hours.  As I’m shampooing my hair, it occurs to me that my shampoo smells sensational this morning.  I chalked it up to being grateful to get clean hair.  Next thought was how wonderful it was going to feel to open and use my brand new tube of Pear Raspberry body wash.

Oh.  So that’s why my shampoo smelled so spectacular this morning – it wasn’t actually my shampoo.

FYI, body wash does an incredible job as shampoo.

It’s always good to find humor in times like this.  I’d love to hear your faux pas that occurred as a result of exhaustion.  Let’s share, and share the laughter!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How can today be Tuesday?


Better question – how can it be August 2?  Really, August 2?  2011?

My how time flies.

Wasn’t it just Easter yesterday?  And Christmas the day before?

Wasn’t it just last year that I brought a blonde, long-awaited bundle of joy home from the hospital?  And another much-wanted, brunette bundle of joy six months ago?  How can they now be 11 and 9?

Where did the time go?  How did it sneak past me so quickly?

Did I read to them enough?   Did I play with them enough?  Did I make enough forts and play-doh figures and mud-pies?  Did I play dress-up, barbies, and princesses enough?  Did I play in the sprinklers with them enough? 

Did I snuggle enough?  Did I tell them I love them enough?  Did I hug them enough?  Have I taught them enough about God and faith and love and manners and friendship and courtesy and generosity?

No.  I fear I haven’t done any of those things enough.

Did I work too much?  Did I worry too much about how the house looked?  Did I buy them things to replace the time that I couldn’t…didn’t…spend with them?  Did I focus on myself too much?  Did I….do too much of all those things that distracted me from the most important, precious things?

Yes, sadly, I think I did.  And I’m still doing those things.

Why can’t I just be still and enjoy them?  They grow so quickly.  11 years has gone by in a flash.  I’m sure the next 11 will pass equally as swiftly. 

Is it too late?

I choose to believe it’s not too late.  I have to believe that.  The little girl in me – the part that never grew up - still likes to color and play dolls and make mudpies.  It’s pure, unstressful fun.  And don’t we all need that, whatever our age?

Why is hindsight always 20/20?  My Mama always told me that the older I get, the quicker the time will pass.  I didn’t believe her then, but I do now.  When I tell my girls that, do they believe me?  Or will the pattern continue – will they realize I was right when it’s too late for them to  recapture that time?  How can I make them understand now, so that they don’t have to live with regrets later?

My big 5-0 birthday is this month.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been so focused on the time that I feel has been lost.  Facing my own mortality, I guess.  Will I live to see my children graduate college?  Will I live to see them find their Prince Charming and their Happily Ever After?  Will I live to see my grandchildren, and be able to just sit and enjoy them, now that I know how fleeting time is?

I don’t know, but God does.  And I’ll rest – try to rest – in that. 

And for now, I’m going to go color with my girls.

Meet the 2011-2012 TOS Homeschool Review Crew!


I have the honor and privilege of serving on the 2011-2012 TOS Homeschool Review Crew for the second consecutive year.  I began last year thinking it would be a simple matter of using and reviewing products, and that’d be it.  Thankfully I was wrong. 

The TOS review crew leadership provides a number of resources through which the crew can communicate.  Over the course of the year  I used those resources – and found a wealth of knowledge in like-minded Christian homeschooling men (yes, men!) and women.  But more valuable to me were the friendships I made and the encouragement, prayer, love, acceptance and understanding I received.  What a gift!

I encourage you to click on the button above and meet these special folks.  Join us this year on the crew journey as we use and review homeschooling curricula and other products that might just be a great fit for you and your family.  Most importantly, know as you read the reviews that behind them are a group of homeschooling moms and dads who are precious to me.

Enjoy meeting my friends!