Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fractazmic™ Cards (by I See Cards) (TOS Review)

In our home, math sometimes ends in frustration.  Working with fractions often results in tears and is considered torture.


When the TOS Homeschool Review crew was given the opportunity to review a card game called Fractazmic™ by I See Cards, I approached it with great trepidation.  Could fractions actually be fun?  Turns out they can, but sometimes you need a little extra help to make it fun.


The Fractazmic™ deck contains sixty cards - 3 suits in 3 different colors:




In addition to showing a numeric fraction, each card  also has a graphic representation of the fraction in relation to that card’s “suit”.  For example, in the 1/3 card shown below, in the twelfths suit, the twelfths are represented  by an egg carton.  Since 1/3 equals 4/12, four eggs are shown in the carton.

Fractazmic™ is meant to be played by 2-4 players,and is meant to teach kids to manipulate fractions in a fun way.  Although there are several  variations of play (meant to accommodate different age ranges), in the “normal” method of play the object is to create a “hand” that equals one, and to create as many of these “hands” before the first player runs out of cards (which signals the end of the game).  Other methods of play can be found starting on p. 12 of the free How to Succeed  in Mathematics booklet.

You can purchase FractazmicHERE – a single deck for $6.95, five decks for $30, or 10 decks for $55. 

While I’m not sure my girls would agree that “fractions are now fun!”, I think they do realize they are getting better.  What has eased the frustrations a bit is that I made a “cheat sheet” for them to use in the beginning, to which they still refer.  It’s simply a sheet that shows what equals what (i.e., 1/3 = 3/12; 1/4 = 4/16; 2/5 = 4/10; etc.).


The graphic representations of the fractions in relation to their respective suit is a great way for kids to visualize the fractions and help with conversions.

Reviewing fractions in a game format seems much less painful…er, threatening to my girls.  :)


There was some sort of professional-looking cheat sheet – maybe a  laminated one – available for purchase with the game, or at least available for download.  Mine was okay and served its intended purpose, but I think it’d be more fun and appealing to the kids to have one done in a similar fashion  as the cards.


This game not only requires basic knowledge of fractions, it also requires the ability to find common denominators.

If you,  as a parent, haven’t converted fractions lately, you too  might be initially challenged by this game!


Download the free How to Succeed  in Mathematics booklet, which includes the Fractazmic™ play variations, instructions for other math games by I See Cards, and general math success tips.

Be sure to read the reviews by the TOS Homeschool Review Crew for Pyramath, another award-winning math card game by I See Cards.

Play Fractazmic™ (and Pyramath) online!


E-mail:    corporate@iseecards.com

Fax: 407-366-3343

Like them on Facebook – note their page is “Pyramath”, another great math card  game. 


I wish I could tell you that this deck of cards solved all our fear of fractions but, alas, it hasn’t - at least not yet.  I can tell you,though, that each time I bring out this deck it is met with a little less resistance, and I can tell that the girls are getting better at converting fractions – and that’s worth much more than $6.95 to me!


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