Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is this really Texas?

I'm sitting at my kitchen table looking outside, and it's snowing - has been all day. There's now about 4" of snow on the surfaces in my back yard. Absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful - big fluffy flakes that just keep piling up. Normally a 2" snow is a "good" snow for this area, and we have twice that.

Punkin and Puddin still had their class at the Heard this morning. We got there a bit early - traffic wasn't as bad as we expected - so we had a big snowball fight in the parking lot! Then their teacher arrived, and joined in the fun! Both girls got soaked during their nature hike, Puddin moreso than Punkin, so we were anxious to get back home and get warm. Walked in the door only to find that the heat had chosen today of all days to stop working! Of course the repair company can't come until tomorrow, so we'll have an "adventure" (the girls' word) tonight - My Hero has gone to the store to buy two more small, electric heaters to get us through the night. Honestly? The Hampton Inn is sounding really good to me!