Thursday, September 29, 2011

The perfect vacation

Sadly, we are nearing the end of what I consider the perfect vacation - 10 days of relaxation, followed by 9 full days of touring, followed by 10 more days of relaxation.  We are all returning home tired, yet relaxed.  These last days of our vacation are bittersweet, filled with lovely memories tinged with the sadness of having to return to reality.  We have spent relaxing days on the beach and curious days in Rome.  The girls have spent quality time with Oma, learning to knit and crochet.  We've even had a TV-free vacation - a huge accomplishment!  

Our internet has been spotty, and I've had trouble blogging.  It is 8:30pm in Italy, and the 'net is cooperating.  I can't wait until we get home (well, honestly, I can wait!) to share pictures of our ultimate field trip to Italy!

And we all are anxious to have a mexican food fix.  :)  

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