Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sunshine and swings…


Sweet sunshine streaming through the window, beckoning us outside. We can’t resist, so we venture to the park. The air, while not yet cool-crisp, offers a pleasant respite from the 100+-degree torture of the summer.

sunshine and swings

I watch as the girls squeal in delight on the swings, an empty swing beside them taunting me. My new resolve after vacation being to “say yes more”, I say “Yes!” to the swing and join my giggling girls in the pure joy of swinging on a sunny afternoon. I am carefree, if only for a moment, relishing the delight of the day.

A beautiful afternoon making simple memories – may there be thousands more like it.


  1. Fun! Some of our happiest vacation memories were of times at the playground together.

  2. Beautiful post! It's the simple things that make a difference to our kiddos! Great job on saying "yes"

  3. I often dream of being a kid again! I need to just slow down and enjoy life more. Will that day ever come? I guess I just need to make it happen. For my sake and my kid's sake. Great post!

  4. I love it - say yes more. I'm aiming to do this too I'm not an outdoorsy person - it's a mood for me and I'm trying to say yes more to going outside and playing and now that the weather is cool I won't get sick I really have no excuse but I'd rather be inside curled up with a good book. Keep saying yes!

    Sarah B from the Crew