Saturday, July 31, 2010

NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop

If you've been to any store lately, you're sure to have seen school supplies and school lists.  Well, homeschoolers love new school supplies too - we just get to choose our own rather than having to follow a list from a school district!  When homeschoolers celebrate the start of a new homeschooling year with our families, we are known for having "not-back-to-school" parties.

There's also a "not-back-to-school blog hop" - last year's hop has fantastic info on it (I didn't know about it, but I'm going back and reading all the posts!).  This year I'll be participating - watch for the first entry here next week!  It's being hosted by (see the blog post at for details - you can also see the posts for all four weeks of last year's blog hop at this post).

It's going to be great fun! Won't you blog hop along with us?

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