Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogwalking Wednesday...Week 7

Here are this week's blogs. 

1. Closing Time - The title of her blog came from a lullaby that she and her husband wrote - cool.

2. One Blessed Mamma - Check out her pics of their recent trip to Chick-fil-A!

4. Alive in Spirit - She has a "storm" coming and could use our prayers.

5. Ozark Rumblings - You have to go read about - and see the pics of - the VBS her son attended. Incredible!

6. Army of 5 - All it took for me to love her blog was to see the pic in her header - I love it when the sun does that!  I know there's a word for it, but I can't ever remember what it is - anyone?  My girls loved the pic of the baby goose - I'm sure they'll ask to go back and see it again!

7. Fenced In Family - She makes cute glycerin soaps!

8. Debbie's Digest - Debbie is the crewmate who designed the cute little blog walk graphic!  And judging from her post from yesterday, I need to go book shopping with her.

9. Footprints in the Butter - I've known Debra in cyberspace for several years know, and have always loved her blog.  You have to go read her post from yesterday - we've all had days like that.  It's funny, but it's *not* funny.

10. Got Chai?  I discovered that Denise and I share something - a favorite children's book, which always makes us both cry.  I had no idea there was a YouTube video to go along with it. 

I'm glad I had the time to add a little bit about each blog on this weeks' list - hopefully it will entice you to visit each one.  :)  I'm also going to try to go back and edit my old blogwalking posts to do the same. 

Hopefully you're finding some new favorite blogs to follow!

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