Saturday, July 31, 2010

Naturalist Art Camp

We are very lucky to have a great nature center near us ( that offers homeschool classes and summer camps.  It's the only place in our area (at least that I know of) that offers classes for homeschoolers that combine classroom learning with outdoor exploration/observation - the classes are priceless, and my girls absolutely LOVE them.

Last summer they took several camps, and wanted to do the same this summer. This week they've been taking the Naturalist Art Camp (ages 8-12).  They've observed nature, and they've drawn nature - today's topic was butterflies. 

Here's Punkin's painting:

and here's Puddin's painting:

I thought they were pretty good!  Puddin was upset because she drew the butterfly's antennae on his bottom too, but I think it's adorable anyway.

Our nephew from Germany is also taking the camp - I can't find his painting or I'd post it too!

I'd rather have these than a Rembrandt any day.

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