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God’s GREAT Covenant, New Testament 1 (TOS Review)

I love all things Classical Academic Press.  Everything I’ve seen from them is top-notch.   So, when I was chosen to review God’s GREAT Covenant, New Testament 1: A Bible Course for Children, I was beyond excited.   Given the great quality of their other products, I expected this one to also be wonderful.


When the package arrived I basically ripped it open from excitement.  Inside I found two very large books – a student book,  plus a teacher’s edition.  I peeked inside the books, and almost immediately I could tell I would not be disappointed with this study.


God’s GREAT Covenant, New Testament 1:  A Bible Course for Children is a study of the Gospels.  From the Classical Academic Press website and from the description on the back of the book (because they say it best):

In God’s Great Covenant, New Testament 1: A Bible Course for Children, students will follow the story of Jesus, the Messiah and King, as He is born and fulfills all God’s promises. But Jesus does not arrive as people expected. The people were looking for a mighty warrior to deliver them from the oppressive Roman government. Instead, He came as the suffering Savior, who would die as the sacrifice for sin and death. He was building a kingdom that was not of this world—it was the kingdom of God. He is the Son of Man, God’s Servant, the Messiah, and the Son of God. Each of the four units in this text emphasizes one of these names of Jesus. God’s Great Covenant, New Testament 1 teaches the Gospels to students in fourth grade and up, using stories, worksheets, memory verses, devotional guides, quizzes, and a little boy named Simon. In the introductions to the text, students will also learn about the historical, cultural, and geographical setting of the New Testament. This book is a most comprehensive and heartfelt study of the Gospels, and many parents and teachers will find themselves learning along with their students.

Written by Claire A. Larsen and written for 4th grade and up, this study consists of four units, with nine chapters (eight new lessons and one review lesson).  At one lesson a week this would constitute a full year’s Bible curriculum (assuming you don’t homeschool year-round).  The books and set of audios can be purchased individually or as a set:

Student book - $26.95
Teacher’s edition - $29.95
Mp3 audio files - $9.95
Set of both books plus audio files - $56.95

The units are:

Unit I:  Jesus, the Son of Man, Has Come…To Live Among His People
Unit II;  Jesus, God’s Servant, Has Come…To Proclaim the Good News
Unit III: Jesus, The Messiah, Has Come…To Teach About God’s Kingdom
Unit IV:  Jesus, the Son of God, Has Come…To Conquer Sin and Death

Before delving into the units, you’re provided much introductory information: 

Basic introduction
Historical and Political Introduction
Chronological Introduction
Geographical Introduction
Religious Introduction

In addition, there is a “Daily Life Introduction: Welcome to Simon’s World”.  Simon is a fictional kid who lives in the village of Jareh, and serves as a sort of tour guide through the study. 

Each chapter begins by giving a theme, scripture passages, a memory passage, and key facts .  The lesson, referred to as Story Time, follows (can be read or listened to on the audio), and the chapter ends with review worksheets.  The last lesson in each unit is itself a review unit containing more review worksheets, a memory passage worksheet (more than just memory work here – a true examination of the passage and its meaning), a devotional guide and, of course, the Simon’s World story.

Appendices/extras follow the last lesson: 

Appendix A – Fulfillment of Prophesies/Covenant Pictures/Sabbath Principles
Appendix B – Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King
Appendix C – The Lord’s Prayer (not just the prayer itself, but an examination of its meaning)
Quizzes for each chapter!
More maps (maps are also sprinkled throughout the lessons)

A quick note about the Teacher’s Edition – it’s fabulous!  It’s a complete copy of the student book - the student pages are shrunk to provide room for notes and teacher helps.  Answers to the questions in the lessons are provided, along with answers to the quizzes in the back.


Everything.  Seriously.  My search for a complete Bible study for my girls is over.

This study is meaty – it is not a watered-down kids’ Bible study.  I want my girls to hide Scripture in their heart, not simplified stories - so this is perfect.

The girls loved Simon’s World!  I think somehow they related more to his “kid’s view”

The books are beautiful, almost begging to be opened.  Although done in black/white text (with plenty of graphics and pictures), the books are visually appealing – you can tell that a lot of time was spent in the design of layout.  It’s something the girls enjoy using.

I have been learning new things with this study.  We are going fairly slow because, honestly, I don’t want any of us to miss anything!

I’m a chart person – I love the ease of looking at charts.  This study is filled with them, which makes comparisons and learning new facts easy.


We sort of plodded through the introductory material.   While we learned a lot, I wish this also could be included in the audio files, as I’d honestly like to review it again.


Don’t put this in the “homeschool curriculum” category.  While this study is right up a homeschooling parent’s alley, it is a fabulous study for all children.

As I said, this is meaty stuff.  I believe my girls are getting more out of it because we’re doing it together.  I suppose you could have students do it independently, but this study is so great I’m not real sure why you’d want to.

Don’t overlook the quizzes in the back of the book – there’s one for each chapter!

I would be sure to purchase the Teacher’s Edition, not just the student book  - there’s a wealth of information in the Teacher’s Edition!


View the complete table of contents, a portion of the introductory material, plus the first THREE chapters HERE.

Hear a sample of the audio files HERE.


Classical Academic Press
3920 Market Street
Camp Hill, PA 17011
Toll Free: 866-730-0711
Phone: 717-730-0711
Fax: 717-730-0721

Or contact them through the website HERE.


This is a thorough study for children of part of the New Testament.  Highly recommend it for all children, not just those who are homeschooled.  It is my intention, when we finish this study, to purchase NT 2; and then we’ll go back and also do both OT volumes.


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**Disclaimer: As part of the 2011-2012 TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I received the NT1 bundle (both books and the audios) referenced in this review at no cost in exchange for my fair, honest and unbiased (and not necessarily positive) review. No other compensation was received.

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