Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NYC, we’ll see you this summer!


Each spring thousands of ballerinas  across the country audition for summer intensives – training programs of varying lengths which are, indeed, intensive.

This is Sarah’s first audition season.  Her ballet instructors recommended three intensives for Sarah to audition for.  I added another – the summer intensive sponsored by The Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet, run by the legendary Gelsey Kirkland.  When I discovered that Ms. Kirkland, who is one of America’s great ballerinas, would be leading the auditions, I knew Sarah would benefit from having a class with her.

Sarah was happy as the audition began.  Parents weren’t allowed to watch, but we could hear what was happening.  Ms. Kirkland was authoritative, yet compassionate and caring – perfect for Sarah.   While we approached this particular audition as simply a learning experience, a mom’s heart always has hope for their child to suceed.  I didn’t expect the outcome we received - I was thrilled to learn that she was accepted for Ms. Kirkland’s program at the audition!

Excitement is running high in our house.  Sarah reminds me of Tigger – she is so excited she can hardly stop wiggling. 

For me, the task ahead is daunting – planning a trip to NYC for Sarah and I with as little financial trauma as possible.   It will be a sacrifice for our family.  But it may well be a life-changing experience for Sarah, so it will be a sacrifice worth making.

NYC, see you in June!

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