Monday, January 3, 2011

First day of Bible in 90 Days...

I often feel as if I'm the only person in the world who has not read the entire Bible.  I'm constantly given chances to do it, but I just never follow through.  Events of life get in the way, or I get bogged down into too many things I haven't been able to say "no" to, or I'm just too tired.  However, none of those excuses are valid.  How am I to teach God's Word to my girls if I don't know it myself?  How can I encourage them to have a daily quiet time when I don't do it myself?  Can I really say "do as I say, not as I do" in this instance?  That's not setting a very good example.

This year one of my goals is to just get it done - read the Bible all the way through, every single word.  No studying, no reading footnotes, no in-depth research with concordances - just straight reading.  I'm determined to do it this time, and The The Bible in 90 Days program, along with an online accountability group and challenge hosted by Mom's Toolbox, will help me reach that goal.

When I decided to join the challenge, I started making grandiose plans - I'd read, my husband would read, and the girls would read a modified plan. As I thought about my plan, I started getting stressed - the first sign of wanting to quit, and I haven't even started yet!  So the grandiose plan got put aside in favor of a basic plan - I'll read during this challenge.  Maybe I'll read again during the next challenge, and I'll pray about my husband reading then too.  Then I'll come up with a reading plan for the girls.  Long-term goal?  I'll read through this time, and then start a slower read-through for the rest of the year, and then next year I'll factor the girls' reading plan into our homeschool. 

Now, to figure out how to reach my goal.  For convenience, I now have the Bible in 90 Days hardback version by my bed, the e-version on my Kindle, and the e-version on my iPhone.  Surely between those three locations I can read for an hour a day. 

If you're interested in the challenge, go check out  Mom's Toolbox.  

Today is the first day.  One of the next 18 hours of this day will be spent immersed in my Father's Word.

Blessings to all! 

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