Sunday, May 30, 2010

We're on the way to Sylt...

I am writing this on the train from Cologne to Sylt, part of the North Frisian Islands in the North Sea. It is cloudy and rain is threatening. The temp was okay in Cologne, but I suspect it will be much cooler on Sylt. Not ideal, because I was hoping to spend some time on the beach. Hopefully the humidity willl be high enough to compensate for the cooler temps. We may have to wear jeans and jackets, but at least we can say we played on the beach!

Justus picked us up this morning around 8am. It is amazing how much luggage is needed for four people when the opportunity for doing laundry is unknown. Also, the girls' meds, nebulizer, wet wrap supplies, etc. takes up SO much room. I feel like I need to wear a sign that says “this is NOT all clothes!”.

We boarded our train about 9am, and won't arrive in Sylt until around 5pm. The dining car is only 2 cars away, so we'll be having lunch on board. After riding the bullet train, the girls seem rather unimpressed with this train, even though it is also fairly fast. I think, though, that we are all exhausted – Puddin did not sleep well last night, and that means that neither I nor My Hero slept well. Finally My Hero and Puddin switched beds, and I got Puddin to sleep – but by then it was around 4am, so that wasn't too much help, since my alarm was set for 6:45.

Punkin is playing her Nintendo, Puddin is looking like she's going to nap, and My Hero is napping – so I think I will too.

Guten Tag aus Deutschland.....

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