Friday, May 28, 2010

Amazed by hotel staff...

Last night after I posted we were up for about an hour longer. Didn't set an alarm this morning, so when we woke up it was already 9am. My Hero got in the shower so we could get going - figured we'd missed breakfast but could pick up something on the way. In a few minutes, the phone rang - when I answered, it was the hotel owner asking if we wanted breakfast, and saying that the kitchen staff was *waiting* for us. Hello? Really? Amazing! We quickly got dressed and headed to the dining room, where we were cheerfully greeted and led to a table already set and waiting for us. They had a lovely buffet, plus cooked eggs/bacon to order.

This is a lovely little privately owned hotel - the Design Hotel Eifel, which is in Euskirchen (southwest, I believe, of Cologne) - we highly recommend it. ( We have the family room, which consists of two twin beds in the outer room, one queen-size bed in another room, and a small sitting room with lots of windows with a desk/chair and a comfy chair for reading. You can open the window in the sitting room and reach out and touch the trees. The girls were excited to see a bird nest right by the window!

May I just say that I think the best part was having a pot of hot coffee already on the table? First coffee I've had all week!

And now that I've had breakfast, it's time for a shower and time to start our exploration of Cologne!

Gute Morgen aus Deutschland!

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