Sunday, January 4, 2009

The frozen roach saga continues...

So, today it's time for the frozen roach to go into the relaxing jar. That job, of course, fell to me, since My Hero wasn't home.

For those of you wondering what in the world a relaxing jar is, it's basically just a glass baby food jar with a 'pedestal' inside made of styrofoam. So I was thinking, "okay, just open the plastic bag and dump the roach into the little jar" - until Puddin informed me that the roach has to be upright and sitting directly on the styrofoam.

So, I say a prayer and tip the bag into the jar, hoping that it will fall perfectly onto the styrofoam. No such luck. Silently I'm saying another prayer, this time one of thanksgiving, that I haven't filed my fingernails lately, because they came in very handy to pick up that upside down bug and position it properly on the styrofoam.

Now there's no more roach in my freezer. Unfortunately, the pinning part is next, and I'm sure that will involve much more touching and positioning and pinning on my part.

But Puddin is happy, and to this mom's heart, that's the important part.

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