Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

So much for doing this meme every week.  I did my first and only post in this in late February, and here it is early April!  Oh well, the best laid plans, right?

In my life this week...

It was a tremendously busy week at work - 50+ hours, a lot when I'm supposed to be part-time.  Actually, most of my weeks so far this year have been 60+ weeks, so I should be thankful that last week was "better."  Of course, I took yesterday off, or my hours would have been higher.

Punkin's woke up yesterday morning with pinkeye, and her skin is infected again.  Ugh.  We are both so tired of struggling with her eczema.  And if I hear one more person ask me "have you tried putting lotion on it?" I may just scream.  Yes, thank you, we've tried pretty much every lotion on the market, or at least it seems like it.  Currently we're testing for gluten sensitivity.  I'm praying the test is positive - it will be hard to go gluten-free, but if that would help her skin, it'd be worth it.  In the meantime, she's on yet another antibiotic and yet another course of oral steroids - both for extended periods this time.  

In our homeschool this week...

We started in earnest reviewing our Classical Conversations memory work so that both girls could try for Memory Master.  I was surprised at how much they have learned.  They are still struggling with geography, so I'm not sure they'll make it to Memory Master.  Punkin is ready to give up because she doesn't think she can do it (another side effect of severe eczema - lack of self worth).  I'm encouraging her to keep trying, but pushing her too hard makes her nervous, which makes her itchy, which doesn't help.  We'll see, I guess. 

Places we're going and people we're seeing...

No new places this week.  We are, however, planning our next trip to Europe.  My precious, globe-trotting mother-in-law will be in Italy in September,  so we're seriously thinking of going there this year instead of Germany.  Or maybe split our time between Italy and Germany.  Of course, we couldn't do this kind of trip but for the fact that we can stay for free.  If we truly get to go to Italy, I'm planning for us to take a side trip to Rome for 3-4 days - what a special treat to see in person some of what we've studied in ancient history!

Well, one new thing did happen this week - the Awana Grand Prix race was last night.  My Hero took Puddin and, since Punkin was sick, the Awana folks were kind enough to allow  him to enter Punkin's car too.  Puddin won all of her group races (awesome for the first time she's ever participated!), but her overall score wasn't good enough to win a trophy or prize.  My Hero took her to Braum's afterward to improve morale.

My favorite thing this week was...

Last night Punkin wasn't feeling well.  She wanted to read, so we crawled into bed together.  Just this week I downloaded 60+ free G.A. Henty books to my Kindle, and recently I had downloaded several Beatrix Potter books.  I grabbed the Kindle and read a Beatrix Potter story to her, and she wanted me to read more.  As I started looking for the next Kindle book, she said "Can we read a real book?"  Bless her!  I worry about all the e-readers replacing printed books, but that one statement told me I've instilled a love of books in her - one of my main goals when I started homeschooling.

 What's working/not working for us...

 My working so many hours is not working for us.  It's working financially, but it feels like (to me) that everything else is falling apart.  Unfortunately, I can't quit working just yet.  Praying that that happens soon...

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...

Our Classical Conversations co-op will be on Cycle 3 next year - U.S. history, Columbus through today.  Recently I ordered the ancient history Mystery of History curriculum.  I want the girls to have an overall picture of how Biblical history fits with world history, and I wanted to start at the beginning.  Now, though, I'm wondering if I shouldn't have ordered the Mystery of HIstory that would fit in with the time period that we'll be studying in co-op.

Decisions, decisions... 

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

Those of you with children who take what you say literally will appreciate this.

Puddin has been reading a book I picked up at some point called 365 TV-Free Activities You Can do With Your Child (by Steve & Ruth Bennett).  The activities are fairly quick and easy, but entertaining.  Puddin also likes all things that have to do with the kitchen  - cooking, mixing, etc.  She found an activity describing how to make "oobleck."  What's that, you say?  It's a mixture of cornstarch and water that makes "glop."  She found an unopened can of cornstarch in our pantry, and proceeded to make oobleck.   My only requests when she were done was that she (1) clean up and (2) put the remainder of the cornstarch in a plastic bag.

She did a fairly good job of cleaning up.  Here's the result of my request to put the remaining cornstarch in a plastic bag:

There's absolutely no argument that she did what I asked her to do. 

Until next time.. 


  1. Oh, we miss your family! I will have to check out Puddin's book...sounds right up the girls' alley. I gave Abby a box of baking soda and couldn't believe the things she did with it!

  2. hi. stopping by from the homeschool mothers journal linky. we love to travel also and are taking a trip to England at the end of the month (Royal wedding time!). the picture at the end with the cornstarch in the bag? too funny. stop by my blog and say hello sometime!

  3. How fun that you are planning a trip to Europe! Enjoy your trip! Love the comment about a "real" book. I've been weighing whether or not to get an e-reader, and I think I would like it sometimes but would never get over wanting to read real books. And, I think we have that same "365" book ourselves.